Training for Introduction to White Card courses - Only $39.10

Our course is 100% multiple choice. If you get a question wrong you can re-try it as many times as you like until you get it correct. We have made this course very easy to complete and pass. We believe everyone should pass. Anyone wanting to do this course will see the importance in gaining an understanding in the industry. Only use the information in this course for further knowledge.

The course starts as soon as you sign up or login. Your progress is saved throughout, which means you can stop and start your training and resume the course exactly where you left it by signing back in with your email address and password.

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Course details :-

    100% Online, Fast and easy, Only $39.10, Self-paced.

    Once you have completed this online course, your statement of attendance is 100% ready for downloading and available 24/7 within your profile.
    Course only online, Statement of attendance issued.You will need to complete an accredited unit of competency to obtain a statement of attainment to get your physical white card.

100% Online Training

    Train 100% online and at your own pace. Start and stop when you like and we will save your progress so you can continue later.

Certificate Issued

    We issue a certificate on 100% completion

Full support

    You will have access to full support as you progress through your online course.


    Under 2 hours,100% success rate, No Class, No ID or Stat Dec, No 3rd party, No Verbal, No PPE

What you get with us:-

    Instant statement of attendance that is downloadable, Access to the course 24/7, Access to your certificate 24/7